Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the manufacturer?

Our Homes can be ordered from either Champion Homes or Skyline Corperation.  Both Companies manufacture quality built homesand are recognized for the excellence of their
construction, the high quality of their building materials, and the efficiency of their production methods.  All homes are built to federal building standards, which regulate the
design, construction, structural durability, transportability, fire resistance and energy efficiency of each home. They also prescribe performance standards for the mechanical,
plumbing and electrical systems. In-plant inspectors as well as independent agencies inspect your home on behalf of federal, state and local governments for code compliance.

Can I customize and personalize my home at Woodland Estates?

Yes! You’ll be able to select from a variety of interior finishes to make your home unique and a reflection of who you are. Buyers will have an opportunity to work with our interior
designer and choose kitchen cabinetry, countertops, carpeting, wall coatings, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, tile and other interior finish details.

What is an “Active Life Style Community”?

An Active Life Style Community is an area or neighborhood designed and reserved for Adults at least 55 years of age. At least one owner of the home needs to be 55 years old
and no school aged children
may reside in the home but grand children are always welcome to visit.

Will pets be allowed at Woodland Estates?

Residents are allowed to have common household pets such as a dog or cats. A leash law is in place at the community. Pet owners are required to clean-up after their pets.
Enjoy the Good Life!
Woodland Estates - An Active Lifestyle Community
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